Sire Summery

Basilisk: Insidious sowers of discord.
Character types: Action Junkie, Alluring, Glory Hound

Behemoth: Revelers in secret lust and excess.
Character types: Confident, Seductive, Karmic Release

Caranoch: Clever, patient survivors.
Character types: Dexterous, Resilient, Survivor

Cernunnos: Passionate idealists with a respect for nature or the divine.
Character types: Aggressive, Animal Affinity, Brutal

Chimera: Righteous warriors who revere femininity.
Character types: Defender, Durable, Follow-through

Dambala: Shadowy questers of human potential.
Character types: Circumspect, Strong, Thought Savant

Hydra: Volatile, unpredictable vengeance-seekers.
Character types: Daunting, Dervish, Dexterous

Jormungand: Grim, uncaring opportunists.
Character types: Fluid Fighter, Hoarder, Strong

Ladon: Wise, caring seekers of wisdom.
Character types: Sage, Insightful, Wisdom

Lebe: Pragmatic laborers and unintentional shamans who make their living off the land.
Character types: Animal Affinity, Forcefull Will, Thought Savant

Mabinogion: Inspired leaders and creators.
Character types: Confident, Networker, Karmic Release

Naga: Devoted extremists with flexible morals.
Character types: Dexterous, Rapid, Weapon Specialist

Nehebkau: Murderous philsophers who see death as nothing but a form of change.
Character types: Alluring, Brutal, Weapon Specialist

Ouroboros: Confident overseers of balance in all things.
Character types: Durable, Resilient, Mentor

Quetzlcoatl: Brilliant but grounded inventors and mentors.
Character types: Karmic Restraint, Survivor

Ryu: Bold, courageous young protectors.
Character types: Action Junkie, Karmic Release, Strong

Tiamat: Alluring manipulators who respect only strength and power.
Character types: Allies, Confident, Forceful Will

Typhon: Fervent seditionists who prefer anything but the status quo.
Character types: Aggressive, Dervish, Dexterous

Xiao: Do-gooders upon whom fortune smiles.
Character types: Deft, Durable, Survivor

Zahhak: Savvy warriors of the social battleground.
Character types: Alluring, Forceful Will, Seductive

Zu: Ambitious, capable, and often misguided tech-heads and worshippers of all things modern
Character types: Confident, Lucky, Weapon Specialist

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Sire Summery

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