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Welcome to the Fireborn Wiki. As you can see, your tireless GM has been hard at work making a complex and complete record of all the nessasary information you may need during the playing of this campaign…and while we are waiting for that GM to turn up you can make do with my hap-hazard and hashed together mix of files.

Game Mechanics


Sire Summery

House Rules

Powers – under construction

Taint Responses

Player Characters

Aiden McCloud

Darius Kristerson

Ronnie Craven

Terrence “T-Bone” Duval

People of Interest

Kensington Investments PLC

Ember Satya


Map Locations in central London

Adiens Flat

Winifred Mandela Community Centre

Ronnies Safe House

Want to see more? Then watch the Fireborn Trailer. (YouTube)

If this link becomes disabled, or if the sound is out, then see the Dropbox link, here (WARNING: 30MB file. Will start auto download)

Main Page

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