Fireborn: FATE

Fireborn: Session 2
As If It wasn't Weird Enough Already!

As soon as they could, the group got clear of the square as they knew the Police would have questions about the disturbance, so they retired to Aiden’s luxury flat to discuss the events and revelations’ of the day. There was a sudden understanding that they were talking without using their voices, that they could communicate directly into each other’s minds, and Darius suddenly spoke up “We have met like this before, only we were… different…”

This triggered memories in everyone; they were dragons!

After further discussion, they realised that the strange “melting” man was also an enemy, and it seemed that the strange events over the previous weeks could be read as signs and portents. Eventually, the group broke up, each shocked and surprised by the strange twist that their lives had taken, although T-Bone was somewhat elated that he was a gold dragon!

Ronnie used his resources to look for patterns and discovers that while the strange occurrences had been limited to London, they had expanded in area since the first report, however appeared to be limited by the M25. Darius also looked into reports that had been received by the police, and found that amongst all the wild conspiracy theories that the Police had logged, one internet blogger, a hippy named Starflower wrote of Cosmic balance and the return of Dragons. Darius decided to pay the man a visit, but before he could do so was distracted by a television report showing footage of the trouble shot from a helicopter. In it he saw five familiar figures fighting their way to the centre of the demonstration…

Shortly after he was summoned to an interview room, and there he met, for the first time, Detective Inspector Thomas Rockford, the new head of the Surreal Investigations Task Force. He may not have met him before, but he knew the man by reputation; undoubtedly good at his job, he is, however, the epitome of political incorrectness, refusing to pander to what he considered the interference of superiors who know little about real policing.

Rockford gave Darius a hard time, and knows that although he is not telling him the entire truth, he is not actually lying to him when he says that he had never met any of the group before in “this life”. Darius argued that they were just fighting to defend themselves, each other, and innocent bystanders from people who seemed crazed and were attacking randomly. Rockford accepted this, but warned Darius that he thinks there was more to it than that, and he will be watching him closely.

Aiden had seen herself on the television and panicked. Her immediate response was to see her parents, explain she was caught up in the trouble, and get the best lawyers money could buy, however when she actually visited them, she doesn’t tell them what happened, and hides in her bed!

Ronnie shrugs when he sees himself on the television. It’s not the first time that that’s happened, and he’s never been identified before, and sees no reason why this time should be any different. In any case he knows that if there is trouble, he can argue that he was just doing his job, gathering intelligence, and was inadvertently caught up in at all.

T-Bone is quite pleased, some of the tough guys in his hood have taken to calling him the “movie star”, only semi-jokingly, and he’s being left alone by the nutters for the time being. Even so, he’s more concerned than he’ll admit, and went to a man he knew in search of a gun for “self defence”.

Darius got clear of his interview with Rockford, and texted Ronnie with the details of Starflower, and a time, asking him to meet him there. Ronnie doesn’t reply, but got to the address an hour early, and watched it, and the surrounding area. He saw Darius arrive, and enter the house, but continued to wait and watch.

Darius immediately smelt that Starflower uses herbal relief to inspire his blog, something the hippy doesn’t deny. Indeed he insists that his ‘erb’ allows him to hear ‘The Beat’ and that when it wakes up everything will be back in balance and ‘the people’ will wake up from “the day dream enforced by the man, man.” Starflower suddenly looks at him, and says “you hear it too, don’t you?” Darius agreed that he does.

Unbeknown to Darius, Rockford has had him watched, and he and a team set off in pursuit of the errant Police Sergeant.

Outside, Ronnie saw Rockford arrive, and having seen him in an interview on television that morning, stating his intention deal with the “troublemakers behind these crimes” texted Darius from a burn phone he was carrying, warning him to “Get out now, Rockford’s here.” Ronnie immediately striped the back off the phone, removeed the battery and SIM, and dumped it in a nearby bin. But when he saw Rockford leading Darius out of the front door, he knows that Darius didn’t react in time.

Rockford transported Darius back to the police station, and left him in an interview room, where he is startled to hear Ronnie’s voice chiding him for being “bloody amateur!” He realised that they don’t need to be in the same room to communicate, which renders mobile phones somewhat pointless. Mulling over this revelations he sat back to await the arrival of Inspector Rockford.

Fireborn: Session 1
Old Friends And New Can Actually Be The Same Thing!

For a variety of reasons a disparate group of people attend a demonstration in Parliament Square. The protestors are demanding answers from the powers that be in response to the strange, almost supernatural happenings that have swept the capital.

Aiden McCLoud is a language student, but lives in luxury thanks to her wealthy family. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a social conscience, and is troubled by the events of the last few weeks, and feels that the Government owes the people of London an explanation.

Ember Satya has just started to make a name for herself as a television journalist, and she has a feeling that the story behind the weird occurrences could take her to the next level. She is covering the demonstrations in the hope that they could be her lucky break.

Terrance “T-Bone” Duval knows that whenever anything goes wrong, it’s never the rich and powerful at fault, it’s always those like him, with nothing but their wits and street smarts that are to blame. This time he gets the feeling that something is at work, and feels drawn to watch all the normal folk join with the usual crowd demanding answers.

Sergeant Darius Kristerson is an IT specialist with the Metropolitan Police, but blends in to the crowd well and so as manpower is so desperately spread in these troubled times has been recruited to act as a spotter amongst the protestors to identify those who may cause problems.

Ronnie Craven knows that the Government keeps things from the people. He knows this because it’s his job to help keep things secret; he works for one of the security services. Today, however, he isn’t working, he’s at the demonstration out of curiosity; he’s interested to gauge the mood because he gets that this could be the spark that ignites the powder keg of serious civil unrest, and he wants to make sure he gets his facts right.

The demonstration is good natured and friendly, and although the Police have cordoned the square off in case things change, nobody minds, and there is almost a carnival atmosphere. Then as daytime turns to evening, and it begins to get dark, one after another, each of the five of the group detect a change in atmosphere, a strange oily wave that seems to emanate from the centre of the square. Previously peaceful demonstrators begin to attack innocent bystanders. The group intervene, fighting their way to the source of the unrest and knocking out the strange man who seems to causing the violence. As well as wielding arcane powers, the man looks like he’s covered in oil, or perhaps melting. His last words before falling at the dragons will return, and all life will change.

This resonates with the five, as although they have never met, when they each made eye contact during the disturbance, they felt that they knew each other, and had known each other for years. They knew each other by strange names, yet these names still felt right.


They say everyone dreams of flying so that makes you normal, right? Then what about the one with the wall of fire and the giants, or the one with the city that could double as a Lord of the Rings set, or the one where the sword cuts so deep you wake up sweating and have to check you still have all your limbs? Then there are the people: Strangers you have never met but you know are friends, at least in your dreams. It has always been that way as far back as you can remember. It’s another puzzle to your life that has never really fit with the world around you.

Then the new dream came. This one isn’t like the others, the others always felt familiar no matter how strange, this is filled with darkness and someone else’s pain. A blood moon, hooded men chanting under ground and the feeling that something was coming, something important.
A week later the news says there’s to be a lunar eclipse that will turn the moon red. This is it, without a shadow of a doubt; you know that what ever your dream means it is happening tonight. You sit up all night and watch the moon change colour. Nothing happens; it’s all rather disappointing actually. I mean, it rains a little which is odd as the weather man said it would be clear but since when have they been accurate?

That was 3 months ago. Now strange occurrences and violence are spreading across the city of London. The people have had enough of political promises and half baked police slogans about ‘pulling together as a community’. Today is a march on Parliament to demand answers from the government. Thousands are expected and, after the summer riots, not only are the police on full alert but more extreme measures of ‘crowd control’ have been pre-approved.
This is where you find yourself, as part of a massive crowd with placards and banners filling Parliament Square. As the sun goes down, the mood is changing.


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