Fireborn: FATE

Fireborn: Session 12
The Tower (Part 1)

The group headed to the Tower, using their cover as a film crew on site to record the archaeological work going on under the White Tower. Bert Hinckley, the Tower’s PR man met them, and guided them to the dig having given them a tour of the site. As they stepped over the threshold however, it was clear that there was power evident in the Tower; they all felt a massive high, a rush of energy blasting through their bodies as they stood on the ancient stones. Ronnie and Ember, particularly felt the effects, almost stumbling, however, the others noticed a difference to the feeling of power; it felt trapped, and had nowhere to go… Aiden could feel the heartbeat of the city, but with something wrong between the beats.

As they group caught up with Bert as he pushed on, Ronnie noticed that his ghostly friend, Elizabeth; she was offering to “look through walls” for him, and joined the group. As she stepped over the threshold, she remained solid and visible before fading back to her ghostly form. Compared to her normal self, she was far more lucid than Ronnie had ever encountered her, saying that it was “easy to think in here”.

Bert took them all to meet the archaeologists, and introductions were made, and spent some time exploring the tower using the pretense of filming some “context setting footage”. They all felt the wellbeing that went with the beat as they explored the tower, but in a vague way. T-Bone, however, could sense something stronger, and seemed to be following a specific path through the tower, up to and into a specific weapons display case, and then reached for the weapon hidden in his waist band. Ronnie saw this and grasped his wrist before he could break the case, and managed to talk him round before he did anything that would draw attention to himself.

The case contained a suit of armour for a warrior and horse and glaive, which held T-Bones’ attention. It was labelled as belonging to a guard of the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximillian, dating from 1564. T-Bone knew it was far older than that, originally predating any known history, and that the blade had been remounted several times. It was this blade that held T-Bones attention, and Ronnie found himself drawn to it to, although initially not knowing where from. Suddenly he realised that he was having the same feeling of something awakening as he did when standing on the Southbank a few days previously. T-Bone snapped out of his hypnosis and Ronnie released his wrist.

Fireborn: Session 11
The Screaming City

Ronnie attempted to reconnect with the dragon they’d happened upon in the version, and settled down in the room, focussing on the poor, tortured dragon. Seemingly stepping away from modern reality, he stepped back in time prior to the formation of London, finding himself above the area where the city grew. He found himself above one of three hills, but was unable to pinpoint the precise location. He knew however that three classic hills of London were Ludgate Hill, Tower Hill and Cornhill.

The group then researched further, attempting to pinpoint the dragon’s location. They knew that Ludgate Hill could be ruled out as they had already visited the chambers under St Paul’s Cathedral. Ronnie remembered feeling the beat around Tower Hill after encountering the ghosts several days earlier. Further research from Aiden pointed at the practitioners of the Dark Arts had some history in and around the Tower of London. All the information fuelled suspicions that Tower Hill, and potentially the Tower of London was the most likely location for the tortured dragon. Darius and Ronnie were able to add more of the traditional history to the information they were gleaning about the location.

As the team was researching a news report appeared on the television news pinpointed some odd events near Tower Hill, the explanation given obviously a cover-up of something more supernatural.

Ronnie, hit by sudden inspiration, dug out some old maps and infrastructure plans, and after some manipulation was able to work out that there was an area under the Tower of London where there were no tunnels, electrical, sewers, water supplies or gas pipes. Almost as if the area was deliberately clear…

At this time Darius received a call from Chief Inspector Rockford; it seemed that the team were getting close as unknown grey-suited men were complaining to Rockford about Darius. He demanded that Darius come into work so they could “handle” the complaint. As Darius caught the underground, at the edge of his hearing he could detect the beat. It seemed to fade as he travelled away from Tower Hill.

As Darius approached New Scotland Yard, he saw Starflower hiding in a bush near the building. The old hippy warned Darius that things were getting worse, and they needed to “…stop the screaming…” warning that the whole world would be screaming soon and that “it would come back wrong because of the screaming”. Darius attempted to reassure him, and send him home, saying that he was handling things. Starflower sadly told Darius that he didn’t get it, and walked away sadly as Darius entered Scotland Yard.

Ember had discovered that over the preceding 8-10 hours a lot of strange, supernatural events had occurred, centred on the historic areas of London, particularly the Tower. She arranged, via her contacts, to gain entry to normally private areas of the Tower, under the pretence of writing a piece for the paper about the history of London and the monuments.

T-Bone reported that the Black Stuff had disappeared from the street, but that the old dealers were back with their normal gear, plus something new; Grey Stuff. Ronnie suggested that T-Bone procure some of the Grey Stuff to pass on to Darius’s tame scientist.

Inspector Rockford was clearly on edge, and indicated to Darius that he should go into an interview room, which a grey suited man was standing outside. A second grey suited man was waiting inside and indicated that Darius take a seat. He started a recording device and proceeded to question Darius with regard to the break in that took place the previous night. Darius challenged him with regard to his credentials, and then listened as he bereted him for his “criminal activities”. It seems that he’d been identified from someone seeing his warrant card.

Darius defended his actions, describing exactly what had happened, but putting his own spin on events, and although the grey suited man thought that Darius was an idiot he believed what he was saying, so relaxed the abuse a little, and advised that Darius that it may be better if he took a step back from his investigation. Rockford sent him home.

Ronnie visited a contact that specialised in producing documents of an unofficial, official standard and procured a pair of Metropolitan Police warrant cards with his and Darius’s images, but very different names. As he returned to his flat he bumped into his ghostly friend, Elizabeth Jones, who spoke to him about the screaming. She told him that the city would tear itself apart unless something was done to stop it. She asked whether he’d spoken to the boys at the tower yet, which Ronnie admitted he hadn’t, and as they parted ways, she warned him that the boys had been there a long time, so were not all they seemed. As she faded from sight she cautioned him; “Be careful, they have fast hands…”

Ronnie called his thanks to Elizabeth, and spoke to the team over the dragon-net, arranging a rendezvous at the Tower.

Fireborn: Session 10
Bad Trip

Unable to avoid breathing in the Black Stuff, Ronnie found himself hallucinating and then back in the world that was flying with his brood mates, when suddenly he found himself under attack from another black dragon. It swept out of the sky, and looked dirty, and oily and not entirely natural, but even so managed to take the initial advantage rolling Ronnie in the sky. Ronnie remembered that this dragon had been corrupted and fallen to the enemy, and then another memory flowed into his brain, telling him that they must continue the mission to prevent the same fate falling to others of dragon kind.

Meanwhile, back in London, Ronnie turned to defend himself from the dragon attack, blindly fighting with the person next to him, and that happened to be Darius.

Back in the world that was the brood defeated the fallen dragon, but a price had been paid; the gold dragon, Freyna, had suffered a bite that had corrupted his blood stream. Ronnie knew he needed to get him to a place of safety to allow him to recover from his wound. In London, Ronnie grabbed T-Bone, and dragged him out shouting that he needed to get to safety before he fell to corruption. Sweating profusely Ronnie dashed out of the house, with a protesting T-Bone over his shoulder aiming to get to a nearby safe-house.

Darius called for Aiden to help over the Dragon-net, which she did very reluctantly, as it interrupted a romantic evening with her boyfriend was being interrupted.

Ronnie was attempting to create a circle on the floor of the safe-house to help create the right energy to promote Freyna, he began to build the circle into something more tangible using whatever was loose in the room. His hallucinations grew and reached a crescendo with the death of a flaming dragon, which was replaced by another dragon, screaming in agony. T-Bone attempted to escape from the circle but found himself wrestled back into the circle by Ronnie, who could hear an underlying thumping heartbeat, but then passed out just as Aiden arrived.

Even though Ronnie was unconscious, the group found themselves sharing a memory of Ronnie’s. They were advancing across a North African Desert towards a cluster of tents, which was known as a terrorist training camp. Ronnie was leading the team in when his mission specialist triggered a tripwire, and the silence of the night was shattered by an explosion. Immediately figures began to burst out of the tents and open fire, the team returned fire as Ronnie ordered a withdrawal. The rookie of the team ran forward to cover as Ronnie tried to grab him shouting at him to fall back, Ronnie tried to grab him but failed and looked up in time to see him cut to pieces by enemy fire. He swore to himself, and shouted the order to retreat before throwing explosives on the dead soldier to destroy the body. Ronnie ordered the others to retreat holding back to offer covering fire, but out of the corner of his eye saw a shape move, he snapped his rifle round loosed a couple rounds at the shape, recognising the enemy soldier toting an RPG. His rounds struck home – just too late – as the RPG launched, obliterating his last team-mates and blowing Ronnie off his feet. As Ronnie collected himself he looked up, finding himself surrounded by enemies, before being clubbed unconscious with rifle buts.

In London, there was a stunned silence as everyone in the room realised that the dream they had just shared was memory from Ronnie’s past. Then Ronnie groaned, and started to sit up, shocked by the memory, and was surprised to see auras of sparkling light around the people in the room. Darius approached, but as he crossed the circle Ronnie saw Darius change to a decaying zombie type creature while Aiden attempted to talk him down. Unfortunately this meant Ronnie just resorted to his base instincts and fought back throwing Darius and T-Bone clear as Aiden ran clear. Ronnie advanced on her, then stumbled, slipping into unconsciousness once more.

The others, careful not to touch any of the black powder tied him securely and thoroughly cleaned any trace of the black powder from his body and clothes.

They sat back with a sigh, and then felt an underlying thumping heartbeat again, and found themselves in another shared memory; a seven year old Ronnie was at the graves of his parents, watching them being buried. The speed of the heartbeat increased then suddenly stopped as the hole leapt up to swallow him. From within he could hear a low, drawn out voice… “Heellllp meeeee…!”

Ronnie snapped awake again, the walls of the flat seemed to alternate between black sludge and glittering sparkles. He was able to see a path to the door, but the others were alert, so Ronnie feigned calmness and relaxation, but the others were far too on edge having experienced the last hour or so. Ronnie swayed, and slipped into unconsciousness again, more gently this time. The memory that they all shared this time was a genuine shared memory, as they all recalled the recovery of Freyna from the infected bite. They realised that as long as they worked as a brood family, and maintained the safe places they would be fine.

The walls of the chamber darkened, and bled through into another memory, but not one of the past, into a dark chamber, with a blind and weakened dragon, whose voice begged “Kill me… Please!”

They all snapped back to reality, hearing the thumping heartbeat, and Ronnie fell back into a genuine sleep, completely relaxed for the first time in a long time.

As dawn broke, the others woke up startled to find Ronnie had freed himself and was getting dressed. He seemed surprisingly relaxed, which couldn’t be said of the others who were watching him nervously. Darius retrieved the frying pan from Aiden and proceeded to cook breakfast.

Ronnie suggested that people avoid contact with the Black Stuff, and then the group decided to locate the weakened dragon.

Fireborn: Session 9
Domestic Disturbance

Quirk’s body had been found, and T-Bone initially thought that Ronnie was responsible, but as Ronnie pointed out, if he’d been responsible the body wouldn’t have been found. A worried T-Bone accepted this.

The team decided to track the remaining taxis, supplying the Black Stuff, intending to track them to find a central origin point, and distribution centre, and then take all three of them at the same time.

Ronnie attempted to discover the identity of the mysterious suited men that were shutting down the various investigations and found that they were a branch of government even more obscure than the organisation he worked for.

The operation to intercept the taxis began with a reconnaisance phase, pinpointing the locations they operated from. The people acting as spotters were quickly identified, and a plan formulated to plant tracking devices on the vehicles. Darius distracted one watcher with ease as Ronnie slipped the device under the wheel arch of the target car, and moved on, not even break his stride. T-Bone’s posse made a nuisance of themselves around their target watcher and T-Bone himself slipped the tracker onto the taxi getting clear with relative ease. Ronnie and Darius moved on, Darius heading back to his office to monitor the cameras and Ronnie got changed into a smart suit, and took a tube to the location ofthe last taxi, and using the pretence of attempting to hire it planted the final tracker, before leaving.

As they were waiting for the taxis to move back to base, they attempted to identify the people who’d been acting as spotters, and Darius discovered that they were not really involved with the Black Stuff, but had just been paid to act as eyes, and saw the opportunity to make some easy money.

Later that same evening the taxis all began to move a greater distance than the few hundred metres they had been shuttling during the day, and all headed back to a location within a quarter mile radius. Ronnie headed into the area to attempt to identify the base. He identified the block that appeared to house the base, and Darius was able to investigate the history of the location and identified two specific houses which looked like they may be the supply base for the Black Stuff, however one was quickly discounted as it was identified as the home of a Bahraini student who seemed to spend most of his time partying.

The team approached the remaining house, which was almost carefully nondescript, and T-Bone spotted footprints leading to it from the direction of the individual parked taxis. Darius knocked on the door and spoke to the occupants, who had spun a story pretending that they’d been a sleeping, yet were fully dressed under dressing gowns. Having failed to pick the lock on the back door, Ronnie booted the door open, and the two occupants spun round at the noise.

Darius shoved them back through the doorway shouting “Watch out, it looks like you’re being burgled!” and kicked the door shut behind him. Ronnie moved with purpose, and with a couple of quick blows surprised the occupants. Darius followed up with a couple of attacks from behind, forcing them to split their attentions between the two men. As the fight continued T-Bone burst through the door looking to find the third occupant. He vaulted over Darius, Ninja Style, and landed on one of the occupants, knocking him out with a single punch, before landing beyond Ronnie with elan and panache. As he did so, the third occupant appeared from the cellar, and threw a bag of black stuff at those fighting. T-Bone evaded it, barrelling into the man bouncing him off the wall and knocking him out. Unfortunately, this meant that Ronnie took the full impact of the thrown bag, and was left covered in the Black Stuff…

Fireborn: Session 8
'Real Work'

The next morning the group had still not heard from Ronnie. While at his desk, Darius received a brief call from Rockford:

“You’re a Nerd and I hate you. Good Luck”

Moments later 2 gentlemen in matching suits arrived and asked to have a ‘friendly chat’ with Darius about Rockford and the course of his investigate. They gave him a contact number and informed him to call with if Rockford asked for any ‘special favours’

T-Bone receives word from his ‘Posse’ that trouble has been brewing in the neighbourhood. Quirk’s bosses have obviously stepped up their enterprise as 3 more cabs have started pedalling the ‘Black stuff’. However, Quick was nowhere to be seen and the ‘Irregulars’ had started to be hassled as they hung around to keep an eye on events.

While out with her boyfriend, attempting to rekindle some sense of normalcy, Adiene spotted what turned out to be a dead body on the banks of the Thames. Given current events, she snaps a picture of the unlucky fellow before calling the police.

The group meet to discuss the problem of the increase in dealers. Quirks absence is mentioned. Adiene shows the others the photo from the river. T-Bones nausea is all the confirmation they need to identify Quirk. Suddenly, they are all very worried about the ‘Real Work’ Ronnie mentioned.

T-Bone, un-nerved by current events and his possible involvement in a death, ran home to his Aunt Patty and spent the rest of the day helping her with house work.

Meanwhile Darius hacked the police computers and got a look at the report on Quirks death. His real name was Matthew Davids and his last place of employment was PA to Gareth Thomas: Labour MP for Harrow West. He also gets a few results from his search program about the buying and selling of Hackney Cabs. He linked the data to the Traffic cameras in the area and connected it to his smart phone. As he was about to leave his phone rang. It was Rockford:

“They took everything. Watch your back”

Fireborn: Session 7
Dinner for Four?

Darius reported the discovery of the flat and its contense to Rockford who mentioned it was the largest bust so far. They hoped to find something of significance before passing it up the line.
Meanwhile, the girls attempted to make the boys presentable for the evening meal. Ronnie excused himself from the whole event saying he had ‘real work’ to do.

Darius tried to trace the taxi that was used to sell the ‘Black stuff’. While writing a search program he received a call from Jason Levitt, the Junior Scientist in the evidence lab. Men in suits had turned up and were taking away all the evidence from the bust. Yet, by the time Darius got there they had gone. However, Levitt had managed to save a small sample. Initial tests showed it was nothing more than burnt protein, although he had yet to identify the animal it came from.

Later that evening, as the group gathered for the hastily arranged dinner at St Pauls, T-Bone was hit with the same vision as Adiene: An ancient chamber pulsing with energy and the knowledge that it was very close. After searching the room he came across a sunken ring under the table. With an astounding feat of strength he managed to lift it up to reveal a previously undiscovered opening. After barricading the door so the servers wouldn’t see they were missing the group dropped down the hole.

Finding themselves at the bottom of a 10ft shaft they followed the decade corridor that descended in a spiral. Some felt uneasy and claustrophobia in the dark and unknown space. Eventually they came to a large chamber that starched beyond the limit of Darius’ torch.

T-Bone and Adiene immediately felt ill as they entered the room and everyone noticed an oppressive atmosphere. Searching, they found evidence of burning and a fragment of bone wedged between the flagstones. Ember became jumpy the longer she stayed in the chamber and, eventually, screamed and fled the room. Adiene started ordering the others around, but none could really tell the difference from her normal behaviour.

It was as everyone started to act strangely that T-Bone stepped up to the middle of the room and tried to ‘push aside’ the bad feelings that the chamber seemed to be generating. For a moment he seemed to glow as tiny whisps of flame danced over his skin. The oppression did slacken for a heartbeat. Then, it crashed back down and T-Bone fell to his knees.

Finding a 2nd exit, the group carried T-Bone out. They found themselves at a maintenance entrance to a Dead Tube station a ¼ mile from St Pauls. Daruis and Adiene found a ladder and rope in the stores and hurried back through the chamber and back up the original opening. They managed to replace the flagstone just as the staff broke down the door.

Fireborn: Session 6
The Plot Thickens...

Darius headed to the lab to meet the junior scientist, Jason Levit, who had been investigating the “black stuff”; he seemed to suggest that the report that Darius had previously seen was missing a page, which was in the original report that he handed to Darius. The additional information implied that there was a high protein count indicative of meat, and seemed to suggest that an abbotoir could be a source of the strange substance. Even so, there was nothing indicative of a narcotic that could cause the effects that had been shown.

Darius opened a link to Ronnie to update him of this new information.

Ember, during her research had stumbled on a number of stories centred on the Blackfriars / Ludgate Hill area of London. There were a number of reports of weird occurrences, increasing unrest, and people who insisted on camping in their gardens. Aiden joined her but noticed some strange vibes around St Pauls Cathedral, which was completely at odds with its religious significance…

The ladies decided to “interview” some of the peaceful protesters, and it became clear that not all the protesting had been peaceful, and a number of key phrases were repeated, speaking of “shadows” and “darkness”. The atmosphere put both Ember and Aiden on edge, and they decided to look inside the Cathedral itself.

The internals of the Cathedral had a very different feeling to the outside, it was peaceful, and they were able to deduce that St Pauls was not the epicentre of the ill feeling, but it was nearby.

Ronnie and T-Bone had a “discussion” with Mr Quirk who after some gentle persuasion gave them an address near Liverpool Street Station as the centre of the “black stuff” distribution. Ronnie put out a call on the Dragon Net, asking them to assemble near the address.

Back at St Pauls, Ember and Aiden continued to search the Cathedral to see if there was any indication of unusual activity. The gained access into Nelson’s Crypt beneath the Cathedral, and as they stepped into one of the chambers suffered a flashback;

She was back in a similar shaped room, but one that was much larger, but that was because she was also much larger too, and in dragon form. She felt comfortable, the area was so in tune with the energies surrounding the area, it was perfect for great works, and magic’s, and then suddenly she snapped back to the present day, yet she could still feel a faint echo of the power she felt in the vision.

Aiden asked about hiring the Crypt, and specifically that room, and after some haggling managed to agree only a mildly extortionate price for the hire of the crypt and special room.

Darius was able to discover a couple of halal slaughterhouses in the Brick Lane area of London, not too far from Liverpool Street Station, nicely linking with the information gleaned by the others, and then the group met at a location a short walk away from the address that Quirk had given.

They watched the location and Ronnie attempted to gain access to the target flat by pretending to be a new neighbour, who had lost his cat, and every flat except the target one answered. They decided to wait for dusk and Ronnie went and bought a pair of sledgehammers to help remove the obstacle that the door presented.

The hours passed slowly, until it was time to make entry to the flat. Ronnie and T-Bone went through the front door, with Darius watching the rear, and it quickly was clear that the flat was empty, although there was a sooty footprint on one windowsill. It was clear that the occupants had left earlier in the day, and Ronnie had a flashback to the taxi-driver that had been driving Quirk running through the street. Within the flat was a locked room, which Ronnie quickly unlocked, and inside were some shelves that had obviously been hastily emptied, and some barrels. Darius opened one of the barrels, and discovered charred cubed meat. It was obviously a storeroom for the raw material for the “black stuff”.

Ronnie suggested that Darius report the discoveries to Rockford, and the team left the flat to ponder their next move.

Fireborn: Session 5
A Deal Gone Bad - But For Who?

Ronnie met T-Bone in his ’hood, and they decided that Ronnie would stand back as a middle aged white man in that area, whereas T-Bone would blend in nicely. The attempted buy began with T-Bone being directed to a taxi, and opened the door to a man who seemed to be dressed in a costume rather than clothes, almost as though he was wearing what he felt he should be wearing rather than what was natural to him.

Quirk wasn’t impressed by T-Bone and made to brush him off. He noticed Ronnie lurking in the shadows and ordered the driver to move off, but as he moved to close the taxi door T-Bone grabbed it and a brief struggle ensued, but he managed to grab hold of the cab as Ronnie dashed forward and broke the driver’s window. The sudden change of events distracted the driver who lost control of the taxi and crashed into a bollard. Quirk attempted to exit the crashed vehicle but Ronnie saw the door open and kicked it closed to trap him inside.

T-Bone voiced his indignation at Quirk, who seemed less than pleased by the turn of events, and spat a couple of insults in T-Bone’s direction. T-Bone took exception to this and tried to drag him out, but Quirk twisted out of his grip and reversed the hold putting T-Bone in a headlock. Ronnie looked at the struggling men and T-Bone met his gaze “Hang on – I think I’ve got him!”

Quirk tightened his grip across T-Bone’s throat and demanded to know what he wanted. T-Bone spluttered some questions attempting to distract Quirk while Ronnie moved round, breaking the taxi window and putting Quirk in a headlock himself, adding the added incentive of a knife at Quirk’s throat. Quirk struggled for a few seconds until T-Bone settled him down with a quick blow to the gentleman’s area. Ronnie increased the pressure on Quirks throat until he lost consciousness and then he dragged him through the window.

Ronnie heard some footsteps, and saw the taxi driver running away, and sighed to himself, and very aware that the silent approach had spectacularly failed, Ronnie quickly searched Quirk as T-Bone searched the taxi, finding large quantities of the ‘Black Stuff’. Ronnie zip tied Quirks wrists and ankles, and then he and T-Bone quickly spirited the unconscious Quirk away, to an empty warehouse that Ronnie knew of. As they entered the deserted building Quirk groaned as he began to regain his senses.

Fireborn: Session 4
A Dark Fog Threatens.

Darius visited Kings College Hospital in an attempt to talk to any of those people held in the Psychiatric Ward for assessment that Rockford had suggested he interview. Two of the four were catatonic, one was unconscious due to injuries, but one was conscious, although restrained and mumbling to himself about how the “…dark is coming…” and the “…dark men will come and take everything away…”

Darius mused to himself, loud enough for the madman to hear, that he remembered times past, when dragons flew, and that he’d met the Dark Men. The mad man just laughed at him, so, he sat, and began to tap out “the beat” onto the table. That got the attention of the man, and Darius paused and asked him to describe what happened to him when the beat started.

Intently, the man focussed on Darius and then whispered “The beat came with the Dark Ones. I was alone and they came, and I took them in to myself, and I wasn’t alone. They will come back and everyone will have a little one in their head…” He slipped back to making no sense and Darius left.

Ronnie, over the telepathic link suggested that Darius track down the medical records of the patients, and also any analysis of the strange black substance that seemed to affect them. Darius did so, and found that three of the four were known petty criminals, and the other had no address. Darius left the records with the Police in the hospital, and returned to HQ to meet Rockford and find out whether the analysis of the black substance had been completed.

T-Bone, still somewhat shell-shocked by events, returned to his old neighbourhood and saw a deal going down, but he didn’t recognise the dealer. Ronnie suggested, over the telepathic link that perhaps the black substance was being passed off as a new drug. He attempted to persuade his friends to help him track down what was going on “their streets” and stop all the “weird shit” that was going on. After some initial reluctance, the old gang agreed to keep eyes and ears open, but still seemed suspicious of T-Bone.

Aiden decided to research old records, looking into narcotics and their effects through history. She found a reference to Mayan priests who prior to performing rituals would ingest the soot from their holy fires to give them a link to their gods. The descriptions of their behaviour after ingesting this “soot” seemed to match that of those Darius had met in the hospital.

Rockford called Darius to his office, and announced that the report into the analysis of the black substance was back. It seemed to be largely carbon, or as Darius muttered, soot…

Darius explained to Rockford that it seemed to be linked to a cult known as the Dark Ones who were attempting to infect people with a new street drug, but he knew little more. Darius scanned the analysis and discovered that the lab thought that the sample had been contaminated because of the rusults – the fact that it seemed to be liquid soot. One of the junior scientists though he could discover the source of the carbon, but was ordered to drop the investigation by a senior scientist as the sample was obviously corrupted.

Ronnie decided to head back to his office to do some additional research, but sensed a presence following him. Suspecting an ambush initially, he began counter-surveillance techniques, and suddenly realised that he could see his follower in reflections, but not normally. Eventually he stopped in a quiet alleyway, and had a strange conversation with the ghost of a dead woman. She spoke of recent changes and explained that the city had enough energy to hold the spirits of the departed in localised areas, which since the beat began, have started to grow, and the whole city is filling up… She spoke of dark men behind a fog that choked the spirits, and Ronnie deduced that the Dark Ones aims to flood the world with the darkness would affect the dead as well as the living. She also instructed him to speak to the “boys in the tower”, warning him to be careful as they were very unstable. Ronnie immediately thought of the dead Princes said to haunt the Tower of London.

As he headed towards the Tower, he broadcast his findings to the others, and initially they worried about the city becoming swamped by the spirits of the dead, but a combined memory put them in an ancient library, which it became clear was in Atlantis, and it was explained to them by another ghost that conditions had to be right to create a ghost, and not all the dead would return.

Aiden continued to research Atlantis, spurred on by the memory, and in a moment of clarity was able to filter the nonsense legends from actual histories, and realised that the Atlantis most of the stories spoke of was not in fact the original Atlantis. The proper Atlantis existed prior to most histories, and was destroyed by a “dark tide”. As she read, she absent-mindedly doodled on her notepad, and realised she was drawing runes that she didn’t quite understand, but looked very familiar…

T-Bone and his crew searched the streets for the new dealers, and heard of one named Quirk, dealing a black powder, trying to muscle in on the more established dealer’s patches. People that tried to force him away quickly went out of business. Most left him alone as he didn’t try to force people away, and only stayed in the same place for a couple of nights. T-Bone also learned that the black stuff did really weird things to people. He broadcast to the other dragons and they all agreed to join him to find out about Quirk and what he was selling.

Fireborn: Session 3
There's More Out There Than Us...

Darius and Ronnie had a brief telepathic conversation, where Ronnie offered some words of advice to the Police Sergeant, “Keep to the story. You are a serving Police officer following a lead to aid the Inspector in his enquiries…” Darius agreed, and ready himself to face Rockford.

The conversation was terse, and Inspector Rockford seemed to accept Darius’s story, at least on the surface, and considered his offer of help with the investigation. Darius was placed on a leave of absence, and told to go home. After he left, he attempted to contact Aiden using his new found telepathic powers, but couldn’t make himself heard, although Aiden was aware of some strange noise on the edge of her awareness. Knowing the house was empty she nervously searched it, finding nothing, and decided to go back to bed where it was safe.

T-Bone was telling his version of the “Battle of Parliament Square” to his home boys in McDonalds, which varied somewhat from anyone else’s version, or indeed the truth, particularly as he claimed that Aiden wanted to reward him in a physical manner. He accidently broadcast his thoughts to the rest of the group, and Aiden took exception to his version of events and started shouting at him. She seemed almost hysterical, mostly because she thought she had killed someone during the trouble. Ronnie reassured her that she hadn’t actually killed anyone and she eventually calmed down. T-Bone began to speak aloud, as he joined the conversation, and his boys decided that he’d lost it as he seemed to be talking to himself, so they began to edge away. Realising that he was attracting strange looks, he persuaded people that he was using a mini-blue tooth headset. T-Bone was shocked to learn that the group were being hunted by the Police, who wanted to question them in relation to the violence.

Darius attempted to send an image by telepathy, but failed, succeeding only in developing a slight headache, while T-Bone, more worried than he’d care to admit, and still pondering the fact that he was a wanted man, suggested an unlikely meeting place; a community centre where the old folk held a monthly meet, greet and coffee morning. They found a quiet corner for a conversation. Darius decided to head to a coffee shop several miles away, and sat reading a paper, and listening remotely.

Aiden began to outline the results of her research, outlining dragon mythology, and their enemies, known as Night Wanderers or Dark Ones; these were creatures who attempted to corrupt the souls of dragons and their followers – and looked like the man direct the fight in Parliament Square.

Ember, using her journalistic contacts had managed to track a whole range of weird and wonderful stories, the majority which hadn’t made the media reports, relayed this to the group, and Ronnie said that he’d seen very similar reports. Between them they worked out that the epicentre was Central London generally around the Southbank.

Comically, despite their constant bickering, T-Bone and Aiden realised they’d been married in their dragon form…!

The group headed towards the Southbank, and en route Ronnie arranged a distraction to remove the two men following Darius, and then the group rendezvoused at a pavement cafe; strangely the area they were settled into felt like a pool of tranquillity, almost the exact opposite of the feelings they had in Parliament Square. The group quickly found that the tranquillity covered a small area, and was very localised with distinct boundaries. T-Bone reminded everyone that Aiden had spoken about dragons able to transform themselves into rivers, so Ronnie laughed to himself, shrugged, and attempted to think towards the river, attempting to make contact with any sentience there.

Ronnie stopped laughing when he received a murmur in reply. It felt to him like the murmur of someone who had been disturbed in their sleep, but it didn’t feel like contact from a dragon, more like some sleeping water spirit. Ronnie, and all those that had helped him rapidly developed headaches.

The group quickly decided that they should return to Parliament Square to see if the feelings that were there on the day of the near riot, and as they walked over, T-Bone noticed that the clean-up crews seem to be working with distinct poor humour and venom. Ronnie told the others to wait and crossed the threshold again, immediately feeling the change of atmosphere as the oily feeling washed over him – weaker than previously, but certainly noticeable.

This triggered a flashback for him, where he saw himself in dragon form, a large black dragon, and found himself in a familiar area that should have engendered good feelings, similar to the positive feelings he had outside the pavement cafe, however, it seemed to have been corrupted by the great enemy, and this snapped him back to reality. He knew there was a way to clean the taint of the area, but couldn’t quite remember how…

T-Bone wondered aloud whether the corruption that polluted the area could be carried elsewhere by the people that passed through it. Darius’s thoughts immediately went to the conversation he’d had with Rockford who had spoken of a mysterious man on a bridge who raved about dragons and whose face seemed to melt. He decided to go and speak to Rockford and try to get information out of him.

Ember and T-Bone broke away to follow up some of the unreported stories that the media had gathered while Aiden decided to inject some normality into the situation and went to college! Ronnie slipped away and decided to see if he could track down any other pools of calm or anger across the city.

The first port of call for Ember and T-Bone was a rather dotty elderly spinster who claimed to have seen faeries at the zoo. She was convincing in her story but easily distracted, and could offer little real evidence. They visited a number of other people, with two of the interviewees having stories that seemed to ring true, including several reports of “ghosts” in and around a number of London landmarks.

While Ember was interviewing people, T-Bone made his excuses and went to the zoo to see if he see the faeries. He shocked himself when he did indeed see faeries, and any doubts that he’d had about the strange events finally disappeared.

Darius returned to his flat to change before going to see Rockford, and was only slightly surprised to find Inspector Rockford waiting for him. He invited him in and they verbally fenced for a while, until Darius steered the conversation to the man on the bridge. Rockford told him that the man was still in hospital and agreed that Darius could go and visit and talk to him if he liked, as long as Darius reported what he learned. Once he’d secured the agreement he handed over a list of the names of a number of other people who had been the subject of reports of supernatural strangeness. He informed the group of this telepathically, stressing that Rockford had been careful not to state that he was asking Darius to interview the people while leaving him in no doubt that he expected him to do just that!

Aiden found herself in trouble at college; she’d argued with the lecturer about the ages of civilisations, stating that Atlantis was far older than Babylon. The other students laughed at her, and she decided that silence was possibly the best course of action.

Ronnie decided to investigate other places in London where there’d been sightings, and to attempt to discover whether there positive or negative feelings associated with the locations. St Pauls Cathedral was generally positive, and London Zoo fairly neutral, but when he arrived at Tower Hill tube station approaching Tower Bridge, he felt a strangeness that seemed to flip from positive to negative and back, and throughout the experience could hear a strange beat which faded as he headed to the surface. He returned to the platform, and the beat returned. He could feel a similarity with the feeling he had when contacting the river entity, but couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Puzzled, he left the station and headed back towards the city centre.


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