Dragon Glaive

Ancient blade made from a dragons tail

weapon (melee)

A staff weapon with a pitted wooden handle and an engraved blade. Historically dates from the early 15th century but the group knows it is much older than that.

The haft is 5ft of age darkened oak and the blade is 2ft 6in of steel. Even after all this time it is still sharp.

The blade was engraved with the name of a Holy Roman Emperor when it was remounted as a glaive. T-Bone is fairly sure it was originally made as a sword.

The blade seems to have the ability to cut through anything with ease when wielded by a Fireborn. When held by someone with magic it feels warm to the touch.


Originally on display in the Tower or London, the group made it’s ownership part of the prize for winning the ‘Game’ set to them by the ghosts of the Young Princes. It was initialed intended to be borrowed for one night only and then returned so no-one would notice it was missing. However, during the collapse of the White Tower everyone seemed to forget about putting it back and it instead found it’s way into their permanent possession.

Dragon Glaive

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