Ronnie Craven

Ronnie Craven
Physical 7
Composure 7
Wealth 4
Fate Points 6
Dragon Sire: Quetzlcoatl
Taint Response: Create

Rank 5 – Athletics – default physical defence skill
Rank 4 – Alertness
Rank 4 – Profession (Gray Man)
Rank 3 – Brawling – unarmed fighting
Rank 3 – Deception
Rank 3 – Stealth
Rank 2 – Burglary
Rank 2 – Investigation
Rank 2 – Resolve
Rank 1 – Demolition
Rank 1 – Etiquette
Rank 1 – First Aid
Rank 1 – Intimidation

Rank 2 – * Dragon Power *

Fireborn: Quetzlcoatl: (Brilliant but grounded inventors and mentors. Character types: Karmic Restraint, Sage, Survivor)

Fireborn: Taint Response: Create (Urge to create and build to hold the taint at bay)

I Have My Own Rules… (While I may agree with others occasionally, I follow my own moral compass.)

Muscle Memory (Naturally athletic & trained to react instinctively)
Perceptive (You have keen senses and instincts, and grasp complex and instant quickly changing situations instantly. I use this to: Notice things. React quickly to surprise. Avert mistakes by noticing the error I’m about to commit)

Remorseless (Will never stop. Ever.)

Sneaky (Sometimes it’s just not possible to do things the open and “honest” way. Besides, sneaking around in the night is fun! While you have a natural talent for stealth and secrecy, you are completely trustworthy; when things go missing or people suffer accidents near you, you’re always completely innocent)

Brawler: (You’re at home in any big old burly brawl, especially with multiple opponents and ideally some beer in you. When you’re personally outnumbered in a fight, your defence rolls with Fists are at +1. When fighting two or more opponents, you deal one additional stress on a successful hit.)

Hidden Weakness: (You have a talent for spotting flaws in a location’s security protocols. Gain a +2 when using Burglary to pass a security checkpoint without arousing suspicion.)

Iron Will: (You can push through pain and injury and just keep on going. You get two additional Physical stress boxes.)

Martial Artist: (Krav Maga)


Ronnie is close mouthed about his past, in fact he’s close mouthed about his present, but he argues that this goes with the territory of his chosen career. He owns little (it’s easier to leave things behind if you don’t have much), and never lives in the same place for more than a few weeks (you don’t get chance to become predictable if you do that). He is remarkably sanguine about material posessions, not seeing the need for anything other than the basics, and spends any spare time training his body and his mind.

Despite these quirks he is respected in his workplace, one of the unnamed domestic intelligence services, but his superiors view him with some unease as although he gets the job done he doesn’t always do it in a manner they like. He is morally flexible but if challenged to step beyond what he considers to be “the right thing” has a reputation for intransigence, and doesn’t care if he ruffles a few feathers on the way.

He is very much a loner, a state he enjoys as that means there is no-one to let him down, and although he is pleasant enough to those he meets, they struggle to remember anything significant about him. This is by no means down to chance, but is the result of a carefully cultivated “grey man” demeanour that allows him to blend in with all levels of society; indeed, his profession has led to him spending time on the street one week, and then spending the next mingling with the aristocracy and the great and good, with neither group suspecting he is anything other than what he appeared.

Recently, Ronnie has become concerned about the strange supernatural events that have been sweeping through London. He is too cynical to believe the variety of explanations the authorities have provided, and as he feels some weird link to the events, has started to do a little off the book investigating himself.

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Ronnie Craven

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