Ember Satya

Ember Satya
Physical 5
Composure 5
Wealth 5
Fate Points 4
Dragon Sire: Caranoch
Taint Response: Flee


Capable Researcher
I Know A Guy
Cold Read
Smooth Over


Level 4:
Profession: Journalism
Level 3:
Empathy and Contacts
Level 2:
Research, Travel and Resolve
Level 1:
Stealth, Deception, Knowledge, Charm
Taint: 0
Ka: +1


Fire Born
I shall not be silenced!
Curiosity killed the cat


Background: Spent her life being curious and charming enough to get the information she needed and getting out of the awkward situations that caused. With demanding parents she decided to leave home as early as possible and launch herself into the world with a journalist career, making it clear from the off she wasn’t going to remain quiet for long. The aforementioned skills helped her get a decent position fast, now she’s reached a block – Everything she tries to report on the current situation is being removed or blocked. Now she’s more determined than ever – She will not be silenced!

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Ember Satya

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