Aiden McCloud

Aiden McCloud
Physical 5
Composure 7
Wealth 7
Fate Points 6
Dragon Sire: Mabinogion
Taint Response: Command

Modern Profession: Language Student


5 Knowledge (Ancient Culture)

4 Athletics

4 Alertness

3 Language: 3 additional

3 Theology

3 Investigation

2 Oratory

2 Empathy

2 Charm

2 Dragon Power

1 Resolve

1 First Aid

1 Intimidation

1 Brawling


Fireborn: Mabinogion

Language Student

Daddies Girl

Patron to the Arts

Hopeless Romantic

I Know a Guy


Gold Card: Wealth +2

Personal Library: Investigation +2 when applies

The Tube is for Losers: Has personal Transport

Deep Thought: Composure +2

Language- Farsi


Name: Aiden McCloud Dragon Name: Sky-Lar Dragon Colour: Red with Green Eyes
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Race: Caucasian
Eye Colour: Green
Build: 5’10, slim, pale and freckled
Hair Colour: Red/Auburn
Education: Private School and now Uni
Hetro/Homo/Bi: Hetro
Relationship: Single
Job: None
Class: High middle
Lives: A large flat in Soho or with her parents in a large house in Kensington or the country home in Cambridge.
Sense of style: Comfy but well made, expensive things.
Personal Habits: Always has a book.
: Tweets and facebooks a lot
: Likes to drive around town
Hobbies: Tweeting, reading, museums, shopping, driving, hanging out with friends/boyfriend, learning new languages and about ancient cultures.
Family: Mum (Rory) and dad (Malcolm) still married after 30 years.
: An older brother (Alexander, 5yrs older) married to (Lizzie) who is expecting,
: Twin younger brothers, Jacob and Joseph, 15yrs old
: Uncle Kevin

Aiden was born the 2nd child of Rory and Malcolm McCloud. She has and older brother Alexander who is 5yrs older than her. She has always been well off and never wanted for anything as her father and her uncle Kevin started a design and construction company. Their company took off before the children were born. When she was 10 her mother gave birth to her younger siblings, Jacob and Joseph. By the time she was 15 he uncle had been spotted as and emerging talent and was given his tv show Grand Designs. This then got her father into television as well as construction. Due to all this wealth she has never wanted for anything. She was given the best education money could buy. She was a good student in all classes but mainly in history and languages. She graduated with top marks and was given a place at a high ranking university. While she is studying she has been given her own place from her father and a car to get around. She is studing ancient cultures and because of this has amassed a nice library. While at uni she has met her boyfriend called Tom Ardent who is also studying at the same uni but on a different course. When she isnt studying she is hanging out with friends, museums and all the fun things London can offer, as well as holidaying with the family.She recently broke up with Tom due to the fact she didnt know how to tell him about what has happened to her.

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Aiden McCloud

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