Fireborn: FATE


They say everyone dreams of flying so that makes you normal, right? Then what about the one with the wall of fire and the giants, or the one with the city that could double as a Lord of the Rings set, or the one where the sword cuts so deep you wake up sweating and have to check you still have all your limbs? Then there are the people: Strangers you have never met but you know are friends, at least in your dreams. It has always been that way as far back as you can remember. It’s another puzzle to your life that has never really fit with the world around you.

Then the new dream came. This one isn’t like the others, the others always felt familiar no matter how strange, this is filled with darkness and someone else’s pain. A blood moon, hooded men chanting under ground and the feeling that something was coming, something important.
A week later the news says there’s to be a lunar eclipse that will turn the moon red. This is it, without a shadow of a doubt; you know that what ever your dream means it is happening tonight. You sit up all night and watch the moon change colour. Nothing happens; it’s all rather disappointing actually. I mean, it rains a little which is odd as the weather man said it would be clear but since when have they been accurate?

That was 3 months ago. Now strange occurrences and violence are spreading across the city of London. The people have had enough of political promises and half baked police slogans about ‘pulling together as a community’. Today is a march on Parliament to demand answers from the government. Thousands are expected and, after the summer riots, not only are the police on full alert but more extreme measures of ‘crowd control’ have been pre-approved.
This is where you find yourself, as part of a massive crowd with placards and banners filling Parliament Square. As the sun goes down, the mood is changing.



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