Fireborn: FATE

Fireborn: Session 8

'Real Work'

The next morning the group had still not heard from Ronnie. While at his desk, Darius received a brief call from Rockford:

“You’re a Nerd and I hate you. Good Luck”

Moments later 2 gentlemen in matching suits arrived and asked to have a ‘friendly chat’ with Darius about Rockford and the course of his investigate. They gave him a contact number and informed him to call with if Rockford asked for any ‘special favours’

T-Bone receives word from his ‘Posse’ that trouble has been brewing in the neighbourhood. Quirk’s bosses have obviously stepped up their enterprise as 3 more cabs have started pedalling the ‘Black stuff’. However, Quick was nowhere to be seen and the ‘Irregulars’ had started to be hassled as they hung around to keep an eye on events.

While out with her boyfriend, attempting to rekindle some sense of normalcy, Adiene spotted what turned out to be a dead body on the banks of the Thames. Given current events, she snaps a picture of the unlucky fellow before calling the police.

The group meet to discuss the problem of the increase in dealers. Quirks absence is mentioned. Adiene shows the others the photo from the river. T-Bones nausea is all the confirmation they need to identify Quirk. Suddenly, they are all very worried about the ‘Real Work’ Ronnie mentioned.

T-Bone, un-nerved by current events and his possible involvement in a death, ran home to his Aunt Patty and spent the rest of the day helping her with house work.

Meanwhile Darius hacked the police computers and got a look at the report on Quirks death. His real name was Matthew Davids and his last place of employment was PA to Gareth Thomas: Labour MP for Harrow West. He also gets a few results from his search program about the buying and selling of Hackney Cabs. He linked the data to the Traffic cameras in the area and connected it to his smart phone. As he was about to leave his phone rang. It was Rockford:

“They took everything. Watch your back”



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