Fireborn: FATE

Fireborn: Session 6

The Plot Thickens...

Darius headed to the lab to meet the junior scientist, Jason Levit, who had been investigating the “black stuff”; he seemed to suggest that the report that Darius had previously seen was missing a page, which was in the original report that he handed to Darius. The additional information implied that there was a high protein count indicative of meat, and seemed to suggest that an abbotoir could be a source of the strange substance. Even so, there was nothing indicative of a narcotic that could cause the effects that had been shown.

Darius opened a link to Ronnie to update him of this new information.

Ember, during her research had stumbled on a number of stories centred on the Blackfriars / Ludgate Hill area of London. There were a number of reports of weird occurrences, increasing unrest, and people who insisted on camping in their gardens. Aiden joined her but noticed some strange vibes around St Pauls Cathedral, which was completely at odds with its religious significance…

The ladies decided to “interview” some of the peaceful protesters, and it became clear that not all the protesting had been peaceful, and a number of key phrases were repeated, speaking of “shadows” and “darkness”. The atmosphere put both Ember and Aiden on edge, and they decided to look inside the Cathedral itself.

The internals of the Cathedral had a very different feeling to the outside, it was peaceful, and they were able to deduce that St Pauls was not the epicentre of the ill feeling, but it was nearby.

Ronnie and T-Bone had a “discussion” with Mr Quirk who after some gentle persuasion gave them an address near Liverpool Street Station as the centre of the “black stuff” distribution. Ronnie put out a call on the Dragon Net, asking them to assemble near the address.

Back at St Pauls, Ember and Aiden continued to search the Cathedral to see if there was any indication of unusual activity. The gained access into Nelson’s Crypt beneath the Cathedral, and as they stepped into one of the chambers suffered a flashback;

She was back in a similar shaped room, but one that was much larger, but that was because she was also much larger too, and in dragon form. She felt comfortable, the area was so in tune with the energies surrounding the area, it was perfect for great works, and magic’s, and then suddenly she snapped back to the present day, yet she could still feel a faint echo of the power she felt in the vision.

Aiden asked about hiring the Crypt, and specifically that room, and after some haggling managed to agree only a mildly extortionate price for the hire of the crypt and special room.

Darius was able to discover a couple of halal slaughterhouses in the Brick Lane area of London, not too far from Liverpool Street Station, nicely linking with the information gleaned by the others, and then the group met at a location a short walk away from the address that Quirk had given.

They watched the location and Ronnie attempted to gain access to the target flat by pretending to be a new neighbour, who had lost his cat, and every flat except the target one answered. They decided to wait for dusk and Ronnie went and bought a pair of sledgehammers to help remove the obstacle that the door presented.

The hours passed slowly, until it was time to make entry to the flat. Ronnie and T-Bone went through the front door, with Darius watching the rear, and it quickly was clear that the flat was empty, although there was a sooty footprint on one windowsill. It was clear that the occupants had left earlier in the day, and Ronnie had a flashback to the taxi-driver that had been driving Quirk running through the street. Within the flat was a locked room, which Ronnie quickly unlocked, and inside were some shelves that had obviously been hastily emptied, and some barrels. Darius opened one of the barrels, and discovered charred cubed meat. It was obviously a storeroom for the raw material for the “black stuff”.

Ronnie suggested that Darius report the discoveries to Rockford, and the team left the flat to ponder their next move.



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