Fireborn: FATE

Fireborn: Session 21

One T-Bone, Two Guards

T-Bone was asleep, and he was also golden dragon, and he was floating in the dark, alone, except he had the feeling something was circling him. He attempted to match the floating circuit, and then someone cleared its throat, and he felt a gaze turned on him. He felt as though a speeding train was heading towards him, then out of the darkness a dragon came bursting towards him, then suddenly the shadows reached out and enveloped the dragon, dragging it back into the darkness. T-Bone recognised Ember in dragon form, desperately trying to escape and failing. He tried to fight to free her from the darkness, between the two of them, they broke free, and suddenly, entwined they were back in human form.

T-Bone could feel the panic rolling from Ember, she was pleading with him to let her run, shouting that they would find her again. T-Bone tried to calm her, and then put out a call on the dragon net, pulling everyone into the vision. Ember babbled a description of what had happened to her and tried to describe where she was, talking of a dark greasy place, with a picture of dragons. T-Bone attempted to persuade her to go further to glean more information regarding her location, and she managed to calm her panic. She looked at T-Bone, and said “Stone”, and was torn from T-Bones’ grasp, and everyone was jolted back to reality.

Back in the cafe, the human dragons looked at each other, surprised, and Sebastian’s senses were tingling, as he realised something unusual had happened. People were concerned that T-Bone hadn’t joined the group.

T-Bone, still in his vantage point, overlooking Kensington-Smythe’s house. He looked up and down the street and noticed an increasing number of black SUV’s outside the house. T-Bone began to make his way over the roof-tops.

Back in the cafe Ronnie carefully attempted to contact T-Bone via the dragon net, and after a brief conversation the group decided to join T-Bone. They quickly managed to pick out the security personnel who seemed to fill the street, and realised that the sort of precautions being taken were only usually in place when rich and powerful people were likely to visit.

Aiden went into “work” and found the guest list, which did include some very important people. Even the security people required and invitation. She managed to work most of the group onto the staff list; however, she drew the line at T-Bone who remained on the opposite roofs, attempting to evade security who were in the middle of a sweep for undesirables. Struck with a sudden plan, T-Bone attempted to get himself captured and taken into the target house, but choose not to go quietly. He used his powers and managed to freak out the security men, before allowing himself to be captured. He was handcuffed and hooded, and taken into the target house, and he felt the same greasy feeling he felt in his vision where he saw Ember, and managed to broadcast all that was happening to the others via the dragon net. He was flung into a room, and the door behind him locked, and when he managed to throw his hood off, he saw he was in a cell. He then heard a cat being killed and something being scratched on the door in the blood; as this happened the dragon net was cut off. In the sudden silence T-Bone could hear crying from the adjacent cell.

The remaining members of the group headed to Aiden’s house for a crash course in the Savoy style of serving, and then made final preparations to go into Kensington-Smythe’s house. As Ronnie retrieved his specialist knives Elizabeth stopped him, and asked him where he was going, because last time he didn’t tell her, and no-one came back. Ronnie, paused obviously pondering this new information, and explained everything that was happening, Elizabeth thanked him, and made him promise to be careful.

Later that evening they all arrived at the target house, and Ronnie and Darius were given their waiters garb and released into the wild carrying trays of canapés. As they mingled with the great and the good Darius recognised two familiar individuals protecting Gareth Thomas MP, they were the same two who had visited him in the Police Station. He quickly warned the group over the dragon net, suggesting that Thomas would be a man to watch.

In the cells beneath the house, T-Bone finally managed to speak to Ember who seemed relieved that her “family” were here to help…



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