Fireborn: FATE

Fireborn: Session 20

The Odd Couple

Ronnie questioned his “guest”, and after an hour or so the man broke down, and after blubbing decided to tell the truth of his recruitment, the nature of his work, and a list of four people he had been told to watch and then to wipe the information of those people. Ronnie called Darius back into the room and asked him to check on the listed people. They were all neighbourhood watch types, however, one of them, was markedly different; Sebastian Anderson, the owner of a magic shop in London, who had passed the group cryptic information a few days earlier.

Once Ronnie had garnered all the information he required he told his “guest” that he was going to release him, and the man was going to go back to doing what the other people had asked him do. The only difference was that this time, whenever they contacted him he would let Ronnie know. Ronnie told him he’d been marked with a molecular tracker, so it would be known where he was at all times. Ronnie then persuaded Darius to return the man’s laptop, and he was blindfolded and smuggled back onto the street, and dropped off near the newspaper office.

Aiden received a phone call from the caterers who were looking for her to answer some difficult questions regarding the party at they were planning. She was also able to glean that there was a separate meeting going on within the party itself.

T-Bone was exhausted after being awake for so long, and went home attempting to avoid his Aunt Patty. He failed and was berated by her for some time.

Across London, Sebastian received another garbled message from the spirit world; he realised that is was for that policeman, Darius, again. As much as he disliked associating with the law he cleaned himself up and made his way to the police station again. After procuring someone else’s ID, he spoke to the desk Sergeant and asked that he be put in contact with Darius, but was told that he was not in the office. After speaking to Starflower he resorted to more occult methods in an attempt to track Darius, and narrowed his location to somewhere near Tower Bridge. Via his arcane senses, he was able to discern that something big and magical had happened in the water under the bridge, and it had involved the Policeman. Although he knew something had happened, he couldn’t work out what it was, so he paced around looking to see if there was anything that would guide him in the right direction.

He was able to track some muddy footsteps to the road, but they stopped there. However, as he stood there puzzled, a young woman got out of a car up the road. She walked to the river and looked puzzled and pensive, then spotted Sebastian and headed directly towards him. His own arcane senses were tingling as she felt “weird” to him; she spoke to him, introducing herself as Elizabeth Jones, and said that her employer had noticed him investigating around the bank, and she offered to help him investigate what he was looking for. They shook hands, and Sebastian’s arcane senses erupted! She felt unreal, but was clearly there. He backed off, and asked who employed her, and was confused by her response of “The River”. After a brief discussion Sebastian was able to persuade Elizabeth that he had a message for Darius, and she admitted that she could put Sebastian in contact with Darius. They arranged a meet in a cafe on the other side of Tower Bridge in an hour, and Elizabeth left.

Darius headed off to the rendezvous point and met Sebastian; after an awkward greeting Sebastian went on to describe a vision he’d had which featured Darius. Sebastian described Darius standing in the dark, with light pouring out of him, and he was screaming. After some time he saw an empty eyed husk that was all that was left of Darius, yet there was writing on the ground, the words were; “cavete ténebris” Latin for “beware the dark”. Somewhat shaken, the policeman thanked Sebastian for the information.

Darius changed the subject, asking Sebastian what he thought of Elizabeth, before explaining who, and what she was. Sebastian seemed relieved that the weird energy he had felt had been explained, and then asked whether Darius needed any help. Darius paused, and said that he had several friends that he felt Sebastian should meet. He cautiously agreed.

Darius contacted Ronnie over the Dragon Net, and explained what had happened, and suggested that the group meet Sebastian. Ronnie agreed, and they all joined the odd couple at the cafe. Sebastian was able to detect a strange energy that seemed to link the people he had just met, but also that there was a void as though someone was missing.



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