Fireborn: FATE

Fireborn: Session 14

The Tower (Part 3)

Darius managed to persuade the Tower authorities that they needed to stay into the night to get more footage for their film. They spent the rest of the day pretending to their “jobs” killing time until the Tower closed to the public.

As Ronnie walked around the tower, he was approached by his ghostly friend, Elizabeth, who told him that although the staircase that the archaeologists were working on did indeed go to lower levels, there had been a collapse effectively blocking the way. Strangely, Elizabeth said she was not able to force herself through the floor; it felt too real. Ronnie was minded of the flashback conversation in the Library of Atlantis where it was posited that the more power pooled in area the more real the supernatural became.

As night fell, the Princes appeared and the game began. It was one of riddles; the Princes posed a riddle, and the team had to answer it, identifying the location of the subject of the riddle, and then race the Princes to that location.

The team worked together and won the first four riddles, combining the brain power of those more academic with the physical abilities of the more athletic. After these first four wins, the Princes changed the rules, sulking slightly because they were losing, and decided that they could be invisible while they ran to answer the riddles, and unsurprisingly they won the next riddle, and took their rewards, draining life energy from the team; T-Bone allowing himself to take the hit on Aidens’ behalf.

Ronnie pushed himself, winning the next race, and then the Princes announced that the next riddle would be the last; suddenly however, their demeanour changed from that of children, to something of creatures that had lived 6 centuries. It was clear that the destination was the White Tower. Ronnie summoned his last reserves of energy, and Aiden turned and sprinted, while Darius followed and T-Bone summoned the power again in an attempt to distract the Princes. The two Princes, unable to help themselves, seemed drawn towards T-Bone like moths to a flame.

Taking advantage of the distracted Princes, Aiden sprinted into the tower, and Ronnie followed by Darius, turned back towards T-Bone; suddenly the team noticed many more ghosts and shades appearing from the fabric of the Tower, all fixated on T-Bone. In a strange voice he demanded that the sprits honour their bargain, and suddenly the power he’d fashioned into a shield expanded in a sphere and flung the spirits away. The same energy wave washed over Ronnie, knocking him off his feet, and smashed Darius in the face. Ronnie staggered to his feet to check on Darius, and T-Bone advanced on the two Princes demanding they honour their part of the bargain. They backed off and tried to slip through the walls, but to their shock, couldn’t. They attempted to persuade T-Bone that he would need to reduce the power to let them through the wall. T-Bone declined, telling them they could follow the human path. As they led T-Bone, Ronnie saw the ghostly Elizabeth following T-Bone; Ronnie was surprised to see her leaving physical traces of her passing. She seemed in a daze, being drawn towards T-Bone. Ronnie swept her legs from underneath her, warning her that she shouldn’t go closer, and she was shocked by the physical contact, and then began taking advantage of her sudden solidity, touching the grass, the flagstones, and anything else.

The Princes led T-Bone to the hidden entrance, concealed near the gift shop, and then he dismissed them, and released the power before collapsing, to be caught and held in Aiden’s arms. This was the sight that greeted Ronnie and Darius as they entered the archway near the shop. Quickly, their attention was taken by the iron ring embedded in the wall, which was almost identical to that they’d seen in St Paul’s Cathedral, a few days previously.



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