Fireborn: FATE

Fireborn: Session 13

The Tower (Part 2)

With T-Bone calmer, although still focussed on the Glaive, Ronnie spent a little time checking the security around the White Tower, and was able to identify the locations of guards and cameras. The group, with exception of Ronnie, suddenly felt a shuddering chill run up and down their spines, some catching movement out of the corner of their eyes. T-Bone, however, focussed in on a ghostly reflection, and suddenly found himself viewing things as though from his dragon self.

He was in the mighty library of Atlantis, and could feel similar spirits passing around him even there. The dragon was in the Library to listen to the mighty intellect that is Professor Lin – the ghost that resided within the Library. He was speaking disparagingly of the possibility that magic was fading from the world, suggesting that should magic be repressed, then the world itself would change irrevocably. T-Bone pressed the discussion and discovered that should magic fade from the world, it may find itself pooling, and occasionally bursting free in response to a trigger, rather than flowing through all things as it currently did. However, as long as there was life magic would exist. The trigger to release a burst a magic would need to be a powerful entity – such as a dragon…

As T-Bone returned to his human reality, he noticed two boys, dressed in period costume, looking at him intently, and was immediately reminded of the warning that Ronnie’s ghost friend had offered, of the two Princes with “fast hands”. Aiden and T-Bone spent some time investigating the history of the two Princes, and were aware of the two ghost boys being present as they researched their story.

Aiden suddenly decided to attract their attention, and called the names of the Princes out loud, much to the consternation of passing tourists who had no idea what was going on; T-Bone realising what she was doing attempted to aid by pushing out positive energies. One of the boys approached T-Bone, and Aiden saw T-Bone glowing; the boy said “I’ve never seen anyone sparkly before”, and reached out to stroke his arm. Suddenly remembering the warning to beware of the fast hands, T-Bone leapt back, much to the annoyance of the boy, who complained that T-Bone shouldn’t “offer some and then take it away”. Aiden attempted to calm the boy telling him to “play nice”. Other tourists began to look confused by the events going on around them, but as Aiden, T-Bone and the Prince were in the shadows, they could see the ghost Prince.

T-Bone began to manipulate the energy around him, and attempt to use it as a shield to protect himself from the ghost Prince who began to cry for his brother. Aiden began to comfort him, as the crowd of tourists gathered and began to take photos, believing it to be some strange street theatre. T-Bone got involved, drawing the young ghost Prince into playing a different game – retrieving the glaive from the display case, along with his brother. The young Prince said that his brother had told him that the glaive was sleeping and wouldn’t wake up. Even if they poked it. T-Bone asked to speak to his brother, and was able to taunt the other Prince into revealing himself from the shadows. The older Prince chided his younger brother for playing with “people”, and T-Bone let some of his dragon-ness show, which put the Princes on their back foot. The tourists applauded the “good effects”.

Aiden ushered the tourists away, as the Princes began whispering about wizards. The older Prince offered to help, but only if T-Bone played, and won, a game. However, if he lost, he would have to share his “glowy magic”. It could only be played after dark, however. The Princes said that they knew that T-Bone and Aiden were looking for things; they would also tell them about the other people who were also looking for things.

Darius attempted to find a route into some of the staff only areas, in an attempt to get below the tower, but was quickly moved on by the security guards, but as Ember was being ultra-professional, she quickly drew onlookers’ interest onto herself so the guards didn’t pay much attention to Darius. She then took a look at the time delay camera that had been setup earlier, and was able to see the gift shop man give coupons to the archaeologists who headed to the coffee shop. As soon as they left, two men in suits arrived, and the three men animatedly discussed the dig, the suited men left prior to the return of the Archaeologists.



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