FIREBORN is a world on the edge of a storm. One it has weathered before at the cost of great losses: the loss of countless lives, of the world’s great civilizations, of magic. The scions alone know that there was a mythic age, know what happened to the world at its end, and know what needs to be done to stop it from happening again. They know . . . because they were there. Scions are at once human and more than human. While born of flesh and blood, their souls are far older. Within their bodies are the reincarnated spirits of dragons from an ancient past. Throughout the ages, scions have been reborn in human form, each time remembering less and less of their former selves. As magic fled the world at the end of the mythic age, so did the wyrms’ strength of spirit. As the last ice age receeded and the modern age began, the memory of the mythic age was all but gone. Now, that’s changing.

None are sure why . . . a prophecy fulfilled, the stars aligned, a ritual completed? Regardless, karma, the force that Westerners call “magic,” that wise men of the East call “ki,” and that the ancient Egyptians called “ka,” has returned. And with it all manner of beasts and wonders. But magic is dangerous and unknown, and the modern mind is far from accepting of the impossible. That, after all, is what monsters, magic, and myth must be: impossible. Everyone knows that. We’ve been told that from the beginning. And surely, if anything was out there, the police and the government would know. They’d tell us how to protect ourselves. But they haven’t, because they don’t know. Secondclass citizens are hunted by beasts in the slums. Superstitious drifters draw pentagrams in railyards to keep the rain and the dogs away. Tales of werewolf maulings appear in the tabloids with alarming regularity and amazingly clear photos, and most folks don’t talk to their neighbors anymore.

And amidst all this, the scions begin to remember that there’s something else beneath the magic and the beasts and the fear. Something older than man and dragon alike, something that, in an age of myth and legend, almost consumed the world. That thing has awoken, and it is hungry once more. The scions grow in power, one flashback at a time, and hope that they’ll be able to remember what happened in the mythic age, and how to stop it. They’re at a disadvantage from the outset, because the secrets they strive to remember are ones that their enemies, lying in wait throughout the ages, never forgot.

Fireborn: FATE

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